Our combined Licensee rental fleet across the UK is over 81,000 vehicles.

It features cars, car-derived vans, light commercial vehicles, minibuses, 4 x 4s, trucks, tractor units and specialised vehicles such as refrigerated vans & trucks, access vehicles, cherry-pickers and motorhomes.

No matter what your vehicle requirements are, there’s a good chance one of our Licensees will be able to help!

If you’re unsure about the kind of vehicle you need, this Fleet Range guide will help you understand the categories that our vehicles fall into, the key benefits and an example of each.

Compact Car Compact Car Example Vehicles: Toyota Aygo / Fiat 500 ▾

‘Compact and economical’

These cars are ideally suited for two people and are generally available in manual or automatic. Easy to drive and park in high traffic areas, makes compact cars great for city/town centre driving.

Although these cars are small on the outside, they are generally big on the inside, offering all the usual mod cons and features that any other car would have.

Compact Car
Small Car Small Car Example Vehicles: VW Polo / Vauxhall Corsa ▾

‘Low cost rental!’

Car manufacturers have upped their game in recent years when it comes to Small Cars; creating models with small dimensions, stylish looks and a fun to drive package.

One step up from a compact car, small cars are perfect for small families or short business trips, and will seat 5 people in reasonable comfort. They’re economical, easy to park, nippy to drive and most importantly, cheaper to rent!

Small Car
Family Car Family Car Example Vehicles: Ford Focus / VW Golf ▾

‘Reliable, practical and good to drive’

These cars are great for families getting away at the weekend, business travel or any long distance trip. They are economical and offer decent boot space for multiple items of luggage. Solid, reliable and practical, cars in this category offer a comfortable and easy drive option.

This sector is now the most competitive amongst manufacturers, meaning there is a huge range to choose from!

Family Car
Large Cars Large Cars Example Vehicles: Ford Mondeo / VW Passat ▾

‘Nice and spacious. . .for you and your luggage!’

Large cars offer all the benefits of a family car, but with more room! They can seat five adults comfortably, as well as a full complement of luggage. Some hatchback models also allow larger loads to be carried with ease.

Large Cars
Estate Cars Estate Cars Example Vehicles: Vauxhall Insignia / VW Passat ▾

‘Suited to those looking for a bit of extra luggage space’

The main reason to hire an Estate? It’s enormous boot! Whether you’re collecting a special purchase or taking an extended holiday, the load capacity on Estate Cars make them infinitely versatile.

The running costs are similar to a family car, and performance and driving experience won’t be too different either.

Estate Cars
Premium Cars Premium Cars Example Vehicles: Audi A6 / BMW 5 Series ▾

‘Make a great impression’

If you want to make a great impression then a premium car will definitely do the trick!

They offer desirable features, high quality equipment and great performance.

Whether it’s an important business trip, a wedding or other special occasion, these cars offer the 'WOW' factor.

Premium Cars
4x4 Passenger 4x4 Passenger Example Vehicles: BMW X3 / Audi Q3 ▾

‘Give you more grip’

The latest generation of 4x4’s are unstoppable when the weather turns nasty, meaning rain, sunshine or snow, a 4x4 will get you where you need to go.

A 4x4 will allow you to drive through more difficult terrain, and tackle any weather conditions with more confidence.

They also offer power, space and security making them a good rental choice for when motoring becomes a challenge.

4x4 Passenger
MPV Compact MPV Compact Example Vehicles: VW Touran / Toyota Verso ▾

‘Perfectly practical and versatile’

A Multi-Purpose Vehicle does exactly what it promises, offers extra room, versatility and flexibility to serve whatever purpose you’re renting it for.

Seven occupants can be moved with ease in one of these, and in most MPV's, seats can be folded or even removed if required.

Practical and spacious, these vehicles are designed to cope with any family/group trip.

MPV Compact
MPV Full MPV Full Example Vehicles: Ford Galaxy / VW Sharan ▾

‘Space and comfort for 7’

If you’re looking to travel comfortably but still get your entire luggage in, then a Full MPV should be your choice.

Ideal for family or business trips, they can carry seven adults with ease, along with a full complement of luggage. Perfect for transporting a large group. Whether it’s to a wedding, a football match or a weekend away, this will get everyone there in comfort.

MPV Full
People Mover People Mover Example Vehicles: VW Shuttle / Ford Tourneo ▾

‘Let’s you move A LOT of people’

9 people on a golf trip with all their clubs? Taking the extended family and their luggage to the airport? No problem with one of these.

With up to 9 seats these vehicles are brilliant for carrying friends, family and all their gear. They offer generous space and comfort and are incredibly safe and reliable.

People Mover
Minibus Minibus Example Vehicles: Minibus ▾

‘Designed to carry more people!’

Seating up to 17 passengers, whether it’s for business or pleasure, these vehicles will get your group from A to B without any fuss.

They are also very reliable and include all the latest safety and legal requirements as standard.

Compact Van Compact Van Example Vehicles: Peugeot Bipper / Citroen Nemo ▾

‘Perfect city vans’

These small vans are great for navigating busy modern cities, and come with excellent load capacities and strong green credentials.

They are great for transporting smaller loads and light equipment, and offer very low running costs.

Compact Van
Small Van Small Van Example Vehicles: Peugeot Partner / VW Caddy SWB ▾

‘Compact on the outside, big on the inside’

If a heavier load, but keeping your running costs down is what you’re after, then a small van could be your best option for hire.

These vehicles offer car-like convenience, they’re spacious yet efficient, and very reliable. Small vans generally feature a side door as standard allowing easy access to the loading space.

Small Van
Panel Van Panel Van Example Vehicles: Ford SWB Transit / VW Transporter / Mercedes MWB Sprinter ▾

The ‘van’ everyone wants

This is the most popular size of van in Britain. They are ideal for shifting mid-size loads with 2 or 3 pallet facility.

Panel Van
Extra Large Panel Van Extra Large Panel Van Example Vehicles: Mercedes Sprinter /VW Crafter ▾

‘The moving day van’

A size up from the van everyone wants, extra large panel vans can normally take 4.0M – 4.2m load lengths, making them ideal for house moves and delivery of very large items.

Extra Large Panel Van
Bodied Commercials Bodied Commercials Example Vehicles: Luton / Dropside / Tipper ▾

‘Vans for industrial purposes’

Whether you need to handle building products or move big loads, a bodied commercial will help you complete the task. You’ll be able to load, lift and transport your cargo with ease.

Bodied Commercials
4x4 Commercial 4x4 Commercial Example Vehicles: Toyota Hi-Lux / Mitsubishi L200 ▾

‘Keeping you on the move what ever the weather!’

These 4x4s are a favourite for landscape gardeners and all tradesmen alike. They are able to tackle any terrain meaning you’ll never get your load stuck in a field. Optional closed load covers are available to offer more security.

4x4 Commercial
7.5 Tonne Trucks 7.5 Tonne Trucks Example Vehicles: Box / Dropside / Tipper ▾

‘Hard working with heavy loads’

These vehicles have been used for logistics and distribution for many years. They are rated at 7.5 ton gross and can move huge volumes of your stock over long distances.

7.5 Tonne Trucks
Refrigerated Vehicles Refrigerated Vehicles Example Vehicles: Refrigerated Vans / Trucks ▾

‘Cool riders’

If keeping cool is the name of the game, you need to hire a refrigerated van. Normally used for transporting frozen/chilled goods, these vehicles are available from panel van size up to 7.5 ton.

Refrigerated Vehicles
Motorhomes and Campervans Motorhomes and Campervans Example Vehicles: Motorhome / Campervan ▾

‘Living on the road’

Motorhomes and Campervans allow you to hit the open road with everything you need to get by in tow. Whether there are six of you travelling to Spain or two of you camping in the New Forest, this kind of vehicle will allow you to travel and live in style and comfort wherever you’re heading!

Motorhomes and Campervans
Specialist Vehicle Specialist Vehicle Example Vehicles: Specialist Vehicle(s) ▾

'A vehicle for everyone'

Our Licensees are also able to supply a range of specialist vehicles. Each vehicle is very specific to it’s purpose, and include Kombi (6 Seat) Vans, Welfare Vehicles, Hyab Equipped Trucks and Disability Adapted Vehicles.

Specialist Vehicle